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I’m proud to say that I was the first person to use Linda Mami back when it didn’t even have this name. We just called it “the oil”. My sister Diana, using her pharmaceutical knowledge, prepared the oil to protect my belly from stretchmarks during my first pregnancy back in 1978. I was her first experience.

The doctor would ask me why my belly was so shiny and I would tell him about my sister Diana’s oil. Both of us would laugh because since it was the first time I was using it, we didn’t know if it would work. The results were positive, I didn’t even have one stretchmark and my skin looked shiny and healthy. Of course, when I got pregnant for the second time, I asked my sister to make the oil again. My friends were so impressed with the results that each time one of them got pregnant they would ask for the oil. I have a lot of friends that have benefited from this oil.

These days I’m a grandmother and it’s not hard to guess that my daughters have also used it with phenomenal results. I’m very happy that it’s finally available commercially so that other mothers may benefit from this great product and return to their original figures with a stretchmark-free stomach.

Good luck!


Lourdes Cordero

Maryland, USA

(born in San Juan, Puerto Rico)


I got pregnant when I was 25 and it was a twofer: they were twins! Back then I weighed 96 pounds and I was terrified of the changes that my body was going to undergo. I got up to 160 pounds and if it wasn’t for the Linda Mami oil, which I received from my aunt, I’m sure I’d have my body covered in stretchmarks. I used the oil a few times a day. I loved putting it on while my skin was still a little wet after taking a shower because the aroma it gives is therapeutic and it would help me stay relaxed. When people see me with my twins they ask me to show them my belly and, to their surprise, there are no stretch marks! This product is not like others. It really works and it is also natural.

Amalia Rodríguez

San Juan, PR


The news of my pregnancy was something beautiful but I cannot deny that I thought about the stretchmarks that would arrive with this experience. I had given up, I saw it as part of the sacrifices that one makes to become a mother. One day, at the beginning of my pregnancy they spoke to me about Linda Mami. I started using it because I had nothing to lose and the aroma was very nice. I used it every day without exception and to my surprise it worked, I had no stretchmarks and my skin looks the same way it did before the pregnancy. These days I recommend it to every pregnant woman because the results are real. I think a pregnancy is a time to give yourself the best and more natural comfort to your skin.

Melissa Peña

San Juan, PR


My mother was the first one to use Linda Mami oil 30 years ago when it wasn’t even a commercial product. I used it during my both pregnancies with incredible results. I’m a petite woman (5.2”) and I got pretty big during my first pregnancy because my daughter weighed nearly 9 pounds when she was born. I remember that all my friends were impressed with how beautiful my skin looked and, more importantly, that the oil was made with natural ingredients; no chemicals. Using it twice daily during both my pregnancies, today thanks to Linda Mami oil I can gladly say that…my stomach and thighs are completely stretchmark free!

Cristina Rodríguez Cordero

Maryland, USA


It’s great, I used it while I was pregnant with twins to prevent stretchmarks. I applied it twice a day on my belly, breasts, buttocks, hips and my skin gained elasticity. My husband was fascinated. Our marriage was strengthened because both of us greatly enjoyed the massages he would give me on my back and legs. It was our moment to talk about the arrival of our children and our future plans. I still use it to keep my skin soft.

Edna Hernández

Bayamón, PR

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