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Face Masks Collection

Face Masks Collection

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The Bag Face Masks blends are created with clays and other natural ingredients. Each blend addresses a specific skin necessity. Mix the blend with your favorite base like distilled or floral waters, honey or even plain yogurt to create a paste. Apply content on face for 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove with water or gently with a wet face towel. Repeat 1 time per week. 

Use 1 face mask for each purpose: 

- Black Clay Mask for deep cleansing. Contains Charcoal & Sea Mud. 

- Coffee Latte Face and Body Mask to de-puff and brighten skin, reduce dark spot and stretch marks. Can be use on booty and between legs to minimize acne and dark spots. 

- Pink Face Mask to improve firmness and hydration. Great antioxidant properties. For all skin types including sensitive skin and mature skin. Contains yogurt and rose powder. 

- White Face Mask to soothe, calm and soften skin. Contains oats and chamomile powder. 

Net. Wt. 40 grams per bag