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Who We Are


Linda Mami story begin in 1978 when the 1st unit of the Nourishing Body Oil was created. During that year Puerto Rican pharmacist Diana Cordero Vidal designed the oil for her pregnant sister, without knowing that 40 years later, her product was going to be used by thousands of women. At first the oil was used by the family but word about its greatness started spreading and soon many others were asking for it. For many years, Diana made the oil at her pharmacy using natural products and regular methods.  

In 2010, her daughter Ivdia Velázquez presented the idea of officially releasing the family's recipe to the market and it was accepted with enthusiasm. The oil was finally release under Linda Mami brand in 2011. Linda Mami represented Ivdia's first entrepreneurship venture and the first seed of what was going to become a very successful entrepreneurship career. 

In 2014, Linda Mami brand was selected as winner of "Travesía al Éxito Empresarial" sponsored by Plaza las Americas, Mastercard and other important private a government entities. This created the platform needed to increase public recognition and sales. Soon local artist, bloggers and public figures started to support the brand helping to established it as the top, made in Puerto Rico, natural maternity and baby skincare brand. 




Ivdia Velázquez Cordero 

Visionary and pioneer, leading the way and aiding in the development of the local natural cosmetic industry in Puerto Rico for more than ten years.


Ivdia Velázquez is the owner of Purple Star Products Inc. and creator of brands such as Linda Mami, Azahar Botanicals and Local Skin Love eCommerce - a one-stop artisan beauty shop with a premium collection of locally crafted brands. 

With Linda Mami she won the 1st edition of "Travesía al Éxito Empresarial" sponsored by Plaza las Américas, MasterCard and other important private and government entities. Linda Mami offers natural maternity and baby skincare & wellness products.

Azahar Botanicals is the 1st Puerto Rican brand to be sold in DUFRY store at Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport, alongside major international brands. 

Her company Purple Star Products Inc.manufacture several private labels including Equal Love, Refresco Skin, Hura Skincare and Amor. PSP Inc. also manufactures toiletry products for Casa Saffra - a New York & Puerto Rico base hospitality company.


  • Winner of “Travesía al éxito empresarial” (2014) - It offered the opportunity to develop Linda Mami into a complete line of non-toxic maternity, postpartum and baby skincare products.
  • Linda Mami Kiosk in Plaza Las Américas (2015) - Where she studied her strengths and virtues and established her personal and professional goal; to compete hand in hand with international brands.
  • Creation of Azahar Botanicals (2016) - It offers elegant body care, wellness and aromatherapy products for the general public.
  • Azahar at DUFRY stores in Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (2018) – Great Breakthrough. First Puerto Rican artisan beauty brand inside DUFRY stores, sharing the space with the world’s top beauty houses. Beauty counter also showcase the work of other artisan local brands. 
  • Creation of Local Skin Love eCommerce (2020) - A one-stop artisan beauty shop with a premium curated collection of local skincare, wellness and self-care goodies. For more info visit www.localskinlove.com