Why Fragrance Free Products Are Better For Newborns

If you are pregnant right now you are probably researching and learning not only about pregnancy and the birthing process but also about how to take care of your baby once they’re born. And you have probably read already about baby and kids eczema becoming a major worldwide epidemic.

When my twins —Maya and Manuel— were born, my pediatrician was very strict with me regarding what I used on their skin, even begging me not to use any fragrances or surfactants with them. The reason is that newborns skin barrier develops over time and this means that whatever you put on their skin will be fully absorbed and they don't have the mechanisms to process the harshness of such ingredients. She believed that the eczema epidemic has to do with parents using fragrances, toxic chemicals and harsh ingredients on babies before due time and basically damaging the natural developing process of the skin barrier.

On the other hand, researches are pointing towards the direction of using emollients right from the beginning as a way of preventing eczema and creating an external skin barrier for babies to help them cope with our modern ultra-contaminated environment.
In our online store you will find products that will help you take care of your baby skin without fragrances and also to soothe mild eczema rash.

With our Fragrance Free Head to Toe Baby Wash you can bathe and even wash babies’ hair until 6 months of age.  Please note that it is not a tear free baby wash. Tear free baby washes are soap-free and uses surfactants or other synthetic cleansers and we are a natural skincare brand. We also have the Soothing Head to Toe Baby Wash for babies older than 6 months with a mild blend of lavender and german chamomile essential oils. If you know how to safely use essential oils with babies, once the baby reaches the 6 months limit you can add a few drops of your own blend to our Fragrance Free Head to Toe Baby Wash to give it your own personal twist.

Another great product is our fragrance free Ultra Mild Baby Lotion which has great emollient properties and is manufactured with colloidal oatmeal, argan oil and aloe vera juice among other skin healing, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Use the lotion in the mornings, after baths or at night to soothe and moisturize your baby’s skin… or to give your baby a relaxing massage! You can also use this lotion as a carrier for essential oils once the baby is older than 6 months.

Finally, we recommend our Natural Baby Soap which is a 4.5 oz soap bar manufactured exclusively for Linda Mami brand by a certified soap-maker. It is created by the cold process saponification of coconut oil, olive oil, calendula oil, fair trade palm oil and shea butter with less than 1% blend of lavender, sweet orange, tea tree and tangerine pure essential oils. It also contains a blend of grind oatmeal, chamomile, calendula flowers and lavender buds.

Go explore our Baby Collection!

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