Any person who buys products sold on this website understands, accepts and agrees to the following:

  1. Once your order has been completed it will be sent to you within 5 to 7 business days.
  2. Hijas del Caribe LLC will not reimburse the price for any purchased products.
  3. If you were to receive a product in a defective condition or the wrong item, please contact Hijas del Caribe LLC immediately to arrange the shipping of the correct package. You will receive a credit for the amount of the purchase so that you may change the products. In order for Hijas del Caribe LLC to honor your credit, the original package must be returned to Hijas del Caribe LLC within 15 days following the arrival of the product. You must return the product to the following address:
               Hijas del Caribe LLC
               PO Box 190173
               San Juan PR 00919
        • After Hijas del Caribe LLC receives the returned package, a new package will be sent to you.
        • The orders shipped outside of Puerto Rico and the United States may be subject to charges and fiscal responsibilities of the government or jurisdiction in which you will receive the products. These charges and fiscal responsibilities are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Hijas del Caribe LLC is not responsible for any charges regarding the purchase of products your country, government or jurisdiction may impose.
        • Hijas del Caribe LLC uses the United States Postal Service for transactions made in Puerto Rico, United States and international shipments. Hijas del Caribe LLC is not responsible for the time the packages spend in transit. The time of transit of the package is controlled exclusively by the mail service and may vary depending on the package and its final destiny, especially during seasons of high demand.

        Hijas del Caribe LLC reserves the right to modify and amend these terms and conditions.