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Linda Mami® is a registered trademark that belongs to Purple Star Products Inc., hereinafter ‘PSP Inc.’ PSP Inc. owns the copyright over all the content, images and information on the website, including text, slogans and images, hereinafter ‘the content’. No user or visitor nor any other person will have authorization to reproduce and/or use the content of this website for profit, non-profit or any other purpose. No user or visitor may modify, add, copy or use the content, images and information on the website for any other purpose whether commercial, business, company, work, publication or web page, unless expressly authorized to do so by PSP Inc.


Any person who buys, acquires or uses any of the PSP Inc. products, upon buying, acquiring or using PSP Inc. products, understands, accepts and agrees to the following:

  1. These products are for external use only; the surface of the skin. Do not under any circumstances ingest, consume or swallow our products. Do not apply our products on skin near the eyes, nostrils, inner ear or mouth. Do not apply our products on your genitals.
  2. Keep product out of the reach of children.
  3. You must follow correctly all instructions on how to use the products.
  4. The information provided on this website about the organic, kosher and vegan ingredients means that PSP Inc. uses ingredients and/or materials to manufacture its products which come from certified organic, kosher and vegan suppliers. PSP Inc. is not a certified organic, kosher or vegan company.
  5. PSP Inc. will not be liable under any circumstances for any type of damages arising from or related to the use, incorrect use or inability to use any of the products sold on its website.
  6. PSP Inc. will not indemnify under any circumstances any sums that exceed the total cost of the acquired products.

Any person who buys products sold on this website understands, accepts and agrees to the following:

  1. Once your order has been completed it will be process and sent to you within 5 to 7 business days.
  2. PSP Inc. will not reimburse the price for any purchased products.
  3. If you were to receive a product in a defective condition or the wrong item, please contact PSP Inc. immediately to arrange the shipping of the correct package. You will receive a credit for the amount of the purchase so that you may change the products. In order for PSP Inc. to honor your credit, the original package must be returned to PSP Inc. within 15 days following the arrival of the product. You must return the product to the following address:
               Purple Star Products Inc.
               PO Box 3135
               Guaynabo PR 00970-3135.
        • After PSP Inc. receives the returned package, a new package will be sent to you.
        • The orders shipped outside of Puerto Rico and the United States may be subject to charges and fiscal responsibilities of the government or jurisdiction in which you will receive the products. These charges and fiscal responsibilities are the sole responsibility of the buyer. PSP Inc. is not responsible for any charges regarding the purchase of products your country, government or jurisdiction may impose.
        • PSP Inc. uses the United States Postal Service for transactions made in Puerto Rico, United States and international shipments. PSP Inc. is not responsible for the time the packages spend in transit. The time of transit of the package is controlled exclusively by the mail service and may vary depending on the package and its final destiny, especially during seasons of high demand.
        • The shipping costs also include the handling costs.

        Every person that uses or visits this website or buys any of the products offered in the website understands, accepts and agrees the following:

        1. When the users ‘subscribe’ to this page, PSP Inc. only collects the following information: Name, Surnames and E-mail. We take this information to keep you informed about our brands Azahar Botanicals, Linda Mami and Local Skin Love. Through our newsletters users receive information about our brands and their related products, events, discounts, news and any other information and / or notification about our brands that PSP Inc. wishes to share with its subscribers.

        2. The subscriber may cancel his or her subscription at any moment by notifying us through info@lindamami.com or by pressing the tab 'unsubscribe' at the bottom of each newsletter. 

        3. Our payment services are provided by Shopify Payments and Pay Pal Inc., an independent suppliers. PSP Inc. is not liable for the services provided by Shopify Payments and Pay Pal Inc., nor any other claims that you may have regarding Shopify Payments and Pay Pal Inc. PSP Inc. does not collect credit card information or any other payment method. PSP Inc. does not have access to such information. PSP Inc. only has access to the information necessary to prepare and send your order. Information such as name, last name, the products in the order, the date of your order, e-mail, and mail address.
        4. PSP Inc. shall not disclose, supply, exchange or sell the personal information of its users (name, surnames, and/or e-mail) to third parties. The list of subscribers is for exclusive PSP Inc. use.

        Website use

        Any purchase or transaction of PSP Inc. products and any use of this website is governed by the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. When you purchase or perform any transaction or use this website you accept that any legal issue that may arise or is related directly or indirectly to the use of this website, including but not limited to the purchase of Linda Mami products, Azahar Botanicals products or products from other brands sold by us in this website, shall be addressed in the courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or in the federal courts of the United States and in any case or circumstance the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico shall be the applicable law.

        This website does not allow harassment of any sort, including harassment via e-mail, text message or chat. The use of obscene materials or abusive language is hereby prohibited. The impersonation of anyone including PSP Inc., its employees, agents, members, subscribers and website visitors is hereby prohibited.

        The uploading, distribution or any manner of publication on or through this website, whether in a private or public manner, of content that may be considered libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening or invasive of others privacy, is hereby prohibited.

        The uploading, distribution or any manner of publication on or through this website of ads or applications of other brands, companies or events, without previous authorization from PSP Inc., is hereby prohibited.


        PSP Inc. will take measures to eliminate and block content or material that is published on this website by the users that breach these terms and conditions. PSP Inc. reserves the right to take any action in order to ensure the website functions properly. However, PSP Inc. is not responsible in any way for the publication, distribution and/or dissemination of the content and material on this website, in other websites, or any printed medium or any other medium in which said information and materials may be published.


        Upon acquiring any of our products, you accept and agree to indemnify, defend and relieve PSP Inc., its officials, directors, employees, agents, stores, suppliers, agents (collectively referred to as “service providers”) of any liability due to losses, expenses, damages, costs, including legal fees resulting from the violation of these terms and conditions or any activity related with your account (including incorrect or negligent behavior) committed by you or any other person with access to this website through your account.

        Links to websites of third parties or entities

        In order to enhance your experience on this website, PSP Inc. may include links to websites of third parties or entities. However, PSP Inc. is not responsible for the proper functioning, conduct or practices of said websites. You shall access these websites at your own risk.

        User responsibilities

        Is the responsibility of the buyer or any user of this website to read the terms and conditions before completing any purchase or transaction.

        Severability clause

        If a court with jurisdiction or any other judicial forum annuls, invalidates or declares any disposition, section or paragraph of these terms and conditions ineffective, said ruling shall not affect the other dispositions, sections or paragraphs of these terms and conditions, which shall continue in force.

        PSP Inc. reserves the right to modify and amend these terms and conditions.