Who We Are

Our story begins in 1978 when the 1st unit of the Stretch Marks Body Oil was created. In that year my mom, a great pharmacist who loves natural compounding, designed the oil for my aunt’s pregnancy.

At first, the oil was used by every female family member that got pregnant. Eventually, positive reviews started spreading and soon many others were asking for it. For years, my mom made the oil at her pharmacy to whoever needed it. 

In 2010, I relocated from Miami to my natal Puerto Rico and came up with the idea of commercializing it. Linda Mami is my first business venture. The first seed of what has been a very satisfying and successful entrepreneurship career. 

In 2014, we were selected as winners of the first edition of “Travesía al Éxito Empresarial" (Road to Entrepreneurship Success). This business acceleration competition was sponsored by Plaza las Americas (Puerto Rico’s biggest shopping mall), Mastercard, Oriental Bank and other important private a government entities.

Winning this competition gave us the platform needed to increase public recognition and sales. We grew from 1 product to having a complete collection of skin care products for pregnancy and post-natal care; as well as, a collection of baby products. Artist, bloggers and public figures started to organically support us helping to establish Linda Mami as a top natural skin care brand. 

Today, I am so proud to say that our products have been used by thousands of women with positive results, including twins and triplets pregnancies. I am also proud to say that after 12 years we haven’t lost the love and passion needed to keep moving forward and keep offering our best work.

Truly yours,

Ivdia Velázquez




Ivdia Velázquez

Owner of Linda Mami