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  • What to Look for In a Prenatal Vitamin

    Pregnancy is a very special time during a woman's life. When a woman is pregnant, it is important that she pays very careful attention to her health. This will ensure that she is in the best of shape to carry her baby and that her baby will be born healthy
  • ¿Eres mamá y trabajas desde la casa? Verifica estos 10 tips de productividad.

    Me encantó tanto este artículo de LouAnn Moss the The Healthy Moms Magazine que tenía que compartirlo con ustedes. Desarrollar mi marca Linda Mami hasta convertirla en la marca puertorriqueña líder para el cuidado de la piel durante el embarazo, mientras a la vez crio gemelos, no ha sido nada fácil. Si eres mamá y trabajas desde la casa como yo, se que te vas a sentir indentificada y estos tips te ayudarán mucho. El artículo está escrito en inglés ¡Pero se lee fácil!
  • 5 Essential Oils Moms Should Have At Home

    Learn which essentials oils should be in your natural first aid kit. We have included a short list of therapeutic properties for each one.
  • Why Fragrance Free Products Are Better For Newborns

    Newborns skin barrier develops over time and this means that whatever you put on their skin will be fully absorbed. Learn why fragrance free products should be your first option when selecting products for you baby skin. 
  • Pregnancy Stretch Marks Prevention Routine Using Linda Mami Products

    In this blog we share with you a great short beauty routine for preventing stretch marks using Linda Mami Products.